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Talk Title, Speaker Videos Presentations
Keynote - Joshua Pennell  
Antivirus Evasion Reconstructed - Veil 3.0 by Christopher Truncer
Case Study on RFID (proximity cards) Hacking by Sarwar Jahan and Ashwath Kumar  
Explorer's Guide to Shooting Satellite Transponders by Jay Turla  
Injecting Security into Web apps with Runtime Patching and Context Learning by Ajin Abraham
Invoke - Obfuscation: PowerShell obFUsk8tion Techniques & How To (Try To) D""e` Tec` T 'Th'+'em' by Daniel Bohannon
The Mirai BotNet and where DDoS attacks are headed by Ben Herzberg
Tale of training a Web Terminator! By Bharadwaj Machiraju  
The Art of Bootloader Unlocking: Exploiting Samsung Sboot by Nitay Artenstein
Hacking medical devices and infrastructure by Anirudh Duggal
Hypervisors in Your Toolbox: Monitoring and Controlling System Events with HyperPlatform by Satoshi Tanda and Timo Kreuzer
p≡p ≡ pretty Easy privacy: making privacy the default for everyone by Sva
Case study of SS7 / Sigtran assessment by Akib Sayyed
Drone Hijacking and other IoT hacking with GNU Radio and SDR by Arthur Garipov
Nearly generic fuzzing of XML - based formats by Nicolas Gregoire
Blockchain and security: bank and insurance applications by Renaud Lifchitz
7 sins of ATM protection against logical attacks by Timur Yunusov
Rapid Security in the Cloud with AWS and CIS by Mikhail Advani & Rajesh Tamhane
Barbarians At The Gate(way) by Dave Lewis
'Digital Warriors: India And The Future Of Conflict On The Internet'  
'Application Security Opportunities And Challenges In A DevOps World'  
When Enough Is Enough: The Limits Of Desirable Security by Karsten Nohl  

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