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Talk Title, Speaker Videos Presentations
Fuzzing embedded (trusted) operating systems using AFL by Martijn Bogaard
PEW PEW PEW Designing Secure Boot Securely by Niek Timmers & Albert Spruyt
EDR Internals and Bypasses by Christopher Vella  
Unlocking secrets of the Proxmark3 RDV4.0 by Christian Herrmann and Kevin Barker
Everything Is Quantum by Jaya Baloo -
Automatic Automotive Hacking by Craig Smith -
CXO Panel | Breached? – Here is how I responded! -
CXO Panel | Clash of the Titans; who will survive? -
The Windows Sandbox Paradox by James Forshaw
LTE And IMSI Catchers: Then And Now by Altaf Shaik -
Pentesting without Pentester - Automating Security Testing with Functional Testing Test Cases by Lavakumar Kuppan -
Cybersecurity & Privacy From The Global Lens by Eva Galperin -
A Monitoring Platform for Kubernetes Cluster Security by Vincent Ruijter & Valentine Mairet -
How To Use Bug Bounty To Start A Career In Silicon Valley by Adam Ruddermann -
Best Of Google VRP 2018 by Daniel Stelter-Gliese -
Keynote Panel | Hacking Elections For Fun & Profit by Pukhraj, Anand, Eva & Hari -
Closing Note | Everybody's Changing, And I Don't Feel The Same by Dhillon Kannabhiran -
Unlocking iPhones On The Cheap by Joseph Cox -
Another Place, Another Time: GPS Threats And Countermeasures by Stephan Gerling -
Introducing the ASVS 4.0 by Andrew Van Der Stock -
Introduction to STIX/TAXII 2 Standards By Allan Thomson -
PEW PEW PEW: Designing Secure Boot Securely by Niek Timmers & Albert Spruyt -
The State Of Malware From The Eye Of The Tiger by Martijn Grooten -
Keynote | Shack On The Beach by Adam Laurie -
Andromeda- GUI based Dynamic Instrumentation Toolkit powered by Frida by Shivang Desai -
A Hacker Walks Into A Co-Working Space by Rahul Binjve -
Getting to $10,000 – the variables at play in determining bounty awards by Jarek Stanley -
Interview with Robert Baptiste aka Elliot Alderson -

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