Abhijeet Ghosh

Program Director, AirTight Networks

Abhijeet Ghosh

Paper Title

Multi-value Wi-Fi - What the heck is it?


Learn about the latest developments in cloud Wi-Fi, how to turn Wi-Fi from a cost center to a business driver, and why and how to protect your organization from wireless threats. You will also learn what your peers are doing to solve wireless challenges in a distributed enterprise environment.

Speaker Bio

Abhijeet Ghosh is the Program Director - Strategic Partners at AirTight Networks, which is a leading provider of secure Wi-Fi networking solutions. Abhijeet has been involved in all aspects of AirTight, underlying technology and innovations in the field of wireless intrusion prevention, planning for Wi-Fi security radios. Abhijeet has over 10 years' experience in the wireless space. Abhijeet Ghosh has a BE (Hons.) from RGPV, India.

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