Amey & Umesh

Amey Umesh

Paper Title

Nullcon Hardware Badge 101 (Desi Jugaad)


Did you ever have interest in electronics or micro-controller or LEDs or any other electronic stuff ? Ever wondered how things are working under the hood of the smart embedded devices? If the answer is yes then you will love nullcon 2014 Hardware badge. In this talk we will discuss about the current scenario of hardware / embedded hacking in India, the design of nullcon 2014 Hardware badge, what all things can be done using this badge, how the idea was generated, how this idea got evolved and what all problems occurred while creating these badges.

Speaker Bio


He has been working as an Information security Consultant by day ;-) for more than 9 years. He is the moderator of hackers group, one of leet hacker groups of India. He is a hardware and electronics enthusiast and works with AVR and other embedded devices as a hobby.

He is a second time speaker at nullcon and conducted hardware workshop in nullcon about Teensy (embedded device with micro-controller). He likes to research on hardware vectors interfacing with current infrastructures of computer networks.



He is a Pure Hardware/electronics Hacker and doesn't really like much involvement in normal web/network things. He has conducted hardware workshop in nullcon about Teensy. He is currently working in CNC Machines & Automation industry.

He is also the founder of Spartacus foundation which works for the Remand home/street children in Pune.

He does rock climbing and trekking in leisure time or sometimes full time for lots of days.

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