Davneet Singh Narang & Rachit Srivastava


Davneet Singh Narang Rachit Srivastava

Paper Title

Troubleshoot Wi-Fi like a Wizard !


An opportunity to step ahead of mere packet sniffing and jump into a smarter and quicker experience of visually troubleshooting Wi-Fi performance and security issues using - Wizshark - a collaborative cloud-based tool for your team to zoom-in, annotate and share packet captures.

Speaker Bio

Davneet Singh Narang

Davneet is a software developer at AirTight Networks. He also happens to be the co-creator of this novel Wi-Fi troubleshooting tool - Wizshark. He has done his Bachelors in Computer Engineering from Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, Pune.

Rachit Srivastava

Rachit is a telecommunications engineer at AirTight Networks. He is a wireless enthusiast and spends majority of his time studying emerging Wi-Fi technologies and trends, as well as implementing those. He has done his Masters in Telecommunications Engineering from Indian Institute of Science.

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