Guillaume Prigent

Guillaume Prigent

Workshop Title

Hybrid Network Simulation For Security Training and SCADA Lab.


The hynesim project's goal is to provide the open source community with an information systems hybrid simulation platform. The purpose of this network oriented project is to integrate low and high interaction hosts in complex topologies, based on a massively distributed simulation. The major advantage of this system is the interconnection between real and virtual machines. The aims of this platform are to offer an all-in-one solution allowing preparation, construction, simulation and operation of a virtual information system, so as to observe the evolution of its security. Based as much as possible on pre-existing Open Source components (COTS), the hynesim project will provide the ISS community with a way of deploying large virtual information systems at a low cost. The foundations of the hynesim project are based on 10 years of thinking on the subject. Beyond the technological and conceptual framework of the project, the members of the hynesim project wish to bring a genuine expertise on tools such as VirtualBox, KVM/Qemu, Dynamips, OpenVZ, vde, libvirt, Open vSwitch, LXC containers, .... by sharing the experience gained through their usage and development in the field of hybrid network simulation.

This workshop aims to introduce this framework (architecture, internal details) in order to apprehend its use (simple, advanced, specific features) and to show how to install & deploy it.

The workshop is dedicated to "SCADA" use-cases and is a mix of explanations, tutorials & demos in both fields of IT and ICS/SCADA system with virtual and real harware PLC (Siemens and Schneider) in turn key platform.

Speaker Bio

Guillaume PRIGENT, founder and CTO of diateam, is a computer security research engineer, and has worked in the field of security simulation for the last 10 years. He began as a research engineer in 1999 at CERV, the European Centre for Virtual Reality in Brest, where he developed the concepts of hybrid simulation for the French Department of Defense. Guillaume Prigent is the Project leader and architect of the open source hynesim project. He has developed many "proofs of concept" and some tools like netglub ( and also gives talks and classes in many engineering schools (ENIB, ENSIETA, ESM Saint-Cyr, ...). Guillaume is the author of several papers on security, and is a frequent speaker and/or attendee at security and testing conferences such as SSTIC, HITB, HACK.LU, FRHACK, ...

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