Michael Eddington

Chief Technical Officer - Deja Vu Security

Michael Eddington

Paper Title

Fuzzing the World with Peach


Peach is a widely used fuzzer with an advanced feature set allowing it to effectively fuzz any data consumer. Peach has been used to fuzz everything from browsers to medical devices. Peaches extensible nature allows easily adding everything from new I/O interfaces to completely changing how fuzzing is performed.

Michael, the author of Peach, will walk through using Peach to fuzz a variety of targets discussing final solutions and roadblocks discovered.

  • Browser fuzzing
  • Kernel fuzzing
  • Mobile device fuzzing
  • Embedded systems

Speaker Bio

Michael Eddington is the Chief Technical Officer at Déjà vu Security LLC and its Principal Consultant. He has over ten years of experience in providing security services to Fortune 500 companies in the US. Michael is a recognized thought leader in the fields of application security, network security, threat modeling, and fuzz testing. He routinely speaks and provides training at the top security conferences including Blackhat, CanSecWest and RSA. Michael is a passionate leader in the open-source security development community, contributing to projects including Trike (Threat Modeling), Outlook Privacy plug-in, and Peach Fuzz. Michael is the creator of the widely used Peach Fuzzing framework which is used by many top technology companies to find complex security vulnerabilities. His current research efforts are pushing security vulnerability testing and fuzzing to the next level with innovative tools and techniques.

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