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I started Net-Square 12 years ago. This talk is a collection of 13 thoughts and observations from the past 12 years - some technical, some philosophical and some pointed questions for all of us to reflect upon. I would like to talk about my journey in the information security industry, from the fledgling years in the late 90s where I was still entrenched in academia to the present day where infosec is redefining the world's political boundaries, literally and figuratively. This talk is not a rant, not a venting session and certainly not a criticism of sorts as many infosec talks have now become.

I have something for all cross sections of the information security community - private and public sector organizations, researchers, infosec professionals, law enforcement and defence and our own community as a whole.

Towards the end of this talk, I would like to share my honest opinions and views regarding questions from the audience.

Speaker Bio

Saumil Shah is the founder and CEO of Net-Square, providing cutting edge information security services to clients around the globe. Saumil is an internationally recognized speaker and instructor, having regularly presented at conferences like Blackhat, RSA, CanSecWest, PacSec, EUSecWest,, Hack-in-the-box and others. He has authored two books titled "Web Hacking: Attacks and Defense" and "The Anti-Virus Book".

Saumil graduated with an M.S. in Computer Science from Purdue University, USA and a B.E. in Computer Engineering from Gujarat University. He spends his leisure time breaking software, flying kites, traveling around the world and taking pictures.

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