Shantanu Ghosh

Vice President and Managing Director, India Product Operations, Symantec

Shantanu Ghosh

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The Security Challenge


The past few years have seen the threat landscape for Information Security evolve significantly. Information has become the most valuable asset for organizations even as it has become increasingly borderless and dispersed with cloud, mobility and virtualization now widely adopted across the globe. The challenge of securing this information continues to rise as adversaries become sophisticated and the cost of attacks rise. Blurring boundaries between consumer and business, recent attacks are demonstrating weaknesses in our ability to secure data, financial information and critical infrastructure.

Future trends such the Internet of Things and Software Defined Data Centers will bring new attack surfaces into play. Today's keynote by Shantanu Ghosh, VP Data Center Security & MD of Symantec's India Product Operations highlights the opportunities and risks inherent to the digital economy while underscoring the need for unified security. He will provide his thoughts on how to adequately defend information against today's most advanced threats and confidently adopt new technologies and platforms of the future.

Speaker Bio

Shantanu Ghosh is vice president, Data Center Security & Compliance at Symantec Corporation, one of the world's largest software firms. He spearheads global engineering teams that create solutions to enable customers to understand and prioritize the real-time nature of the risks and threats that their organizations face. Shantanu is also the managing director for Symantec's India Product Operations and leads the Company's Innovation centers in Pune, Chennai and Bangalore. Prior to this, Shantanu was vice president of engineering at BindView and was responsible for setting up, building and running its largest R&D center in Pune, India.

With a career spanning over two decades, he brings a wealth of experience in core product development and IP creation. Having worked on structure/architecture of non-traditional mobile devices and PCs from the early years, he is recognized among industry-peers for his product building capabilities. Working in areas of embedded systems alongside other experts, he has contributed to a variety of technologies, some of which include those that enable large-purpose automation in factories and the defense sector.

As a thought leader in the security domain his view and expertise has been much sought after by media, governing bodies, industry experts across multiple areas, some of which include enterprise applications, wireless technologies, risk and compliance matters and product development. His vast industry experience and expertise is also the reason why he has been a keynote speaker for numerous programs, like Business Software Alliance (BSA), Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA), International Market Assessment India Private Limited (IMA) to name a few. As an industry-leading expert he has been a part of a selection committee to identify top Indian business leaders and part of many business delegations, including the US IBC involving the President of the United States, Barack Obama.

Shantanu also leads Symantec's corporate social responsibility programs in India and is actively involved with the Room-to-Read NGO. An early adopter of gadgets, and an avid reader, he is passionate about travel and food and this interest is evinced in the blog he writes, which is widely popular in itself.

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