Sumit Gwalani

Information Security Engineer/Chrome Security, Google Corp

Sumit Gwalani

Paper Title

Chrome Security 2014: New and future hotness


"The Chrome Security Team is never idle. Even as we advance the security of Chrome OS and Chrome, we're constantly on the lookout for new projects and initiatives we can undertake. We'll cover some recently completed projects such as Verified Access, kernel hardening, "project awesome", updated certificate pinning, download safety and enhancements to the Chromium Security Rewards program."

Speaker Bio

Sumit is a Senior Product Manager for Google Chrome OS, which is designed to make computing simple, speedy and secure. Sumit leads Chrome OS product areas such as security, identity and authentication, privacy, India efforts and actively contributes towards Chrome management and system services.

Since joining Google in 2006, he has worked across variety of Google products in MTV. Sumit has evangelized security within Google working in a number of roles both as a security engineer and a product manager. Sumit has been involved in all aspects of security ranging from security audits, risk analysis, application-level vulnerability testing, security training, and development of security features in different Google products. As part of Chrome Security team, Sumit has co-led the design for various security features across the Chrome OS stack.

Sumit brings more than a decade of experience developing high-tech consumer and enterprise products. Before joining Google, Sumit worked on wireless security, and led development of VPNs, anti-virus and anti-spyware products.

Sumit holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from University of Mumbai and a Master's degree in Computer Science from University of California, Santa Barbara.

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