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Here's your chance to win Samsung Gear, Arduino, FREE VIP passes and participate in EMC Defenders League along with 2 nights shared accommodation at nullcon Goa 2015. All you have to do is run over a few trivial puzzles and challenges and the golden ticket is yours. In case you have already bought the ticket don't worry we will reimburse your ticket if you win.



If you have spent anytime with puzzles like notpron or klueless, or other hacking challenges, this one should lie somewhere in between (we thought if you are going to pull your hair out solving the puzzle, its only fair that you learn something while doing so).

Get ready to goa!


Top 30 winners (individual, if playing in a team) will get(if they choose to play EMC Defenders League at nullcon Goa 2015):

  • One samsung gear (watch)
  • One arduino kit
  • One free vip pass for nullcon goa 2015
  • Two nights complementary shared accommodation for one at nullcon venue
  • A chance to win INR 500,000/- (USD 8100+) by playing EMC Defenders League at nullcon goa 2015




Start: 9th Jan 2015 12:00 PM UTC (17:30 IST)

End: 11th Jan 2015 12:00 PM UTC (17:30 IST)

Rules and Guidelines

  • Players will need to create an account in order to participate in the challenge. Click here to Register
  • Each level gives you sets of clues to clear the level. Following these clues, you should clear all level. The first participant to complete all levels or have maximum points at 11th Jan 2015 12:00 PM UTC (17:30 IST) will win.
Only the first person to complete challenge will win
  • Top 30 winners (individuals, if playing in a team) will get one Samsung Gear (Watch), one Arduino kit, one FREE VIP pass to nullcon Goa 2015 and two nights of stay at nullcon venue (shared accommodation), if they choose to play EMC Defenders league held at nullcon Goa 2015. The final winner of EMC Defenders league will win INR 500,000/- (USD 8100+)
  • If you are playing as a team please note that if your team is among the top 30, you will have to nominate one person from your team who can avail the FREE VIP pass, two night stay (shared accommodation) at nullcon and play EMC Defenders league at the venue. The travel expenses to/from nullcon have to be borne by the player.
  • If you've already bought the pass we'll reimburse it.
  • This challenge does NOT give participants any legal permission to exploit http://ctf.nullcon.net or its hosting partner in a destructive manner .
  • Any attack against the site or the hosted servers will be observed under general legal framework.
  • Running Automation tools (Scanner/Enumerators/Password Crackers, etc) are not allowed and won't help you complete the challenge in anyway.
  • If you have completed a level, keep the answer to yourself unless you are the types who wants to spoil all the fun. Also, remember that by giving out the answer you are actually helping your competitors to win.
  • The unofficial back channel for the CTF is at irc.freenode.net #nullcon
  • You can contact [email protected] , for any concerns and queries
EMC Defenders League

The Red Team Blue Team approach is a well known model for network security where the Red Team is tasked with Penetrating the network and its assets as much as possible while the Blue Team is responsible for identifying vulnerabilities and weaknesses ahead in order to take necessary measures to protect against successful attacks against those vulnerabilities.

The EMC Defenders League 2015 consists of an on-site capture the flag (CTF) event involving 30 participants selected during an earlier online event. The participants compete with each other in a game designed following the Red Team Blue Team model of network security. Auxiliary challenges are also presented to score extra points. The challenges involved during the event varies across multiple topics in information security including network security, web application security, software exploitation, cryptography, forensics etc.

Winner Receives a CASH PRIZE of INR 500000 /-

Gear up for the Ultimate Security Challenge. Reinforce Trust in IT !

Hello Ladies!
Are you a security enthusiast? Have you ever wished to be a part of puzzle-solving competition, but never got a chance to participate? Have you ever wanted to test your knowledge by solving hacking simulated challenges? Well then here’s your chance to be a part of Winja!
Get ready to Goa!

What is Winja?

It is an on-site hacking simulated competition at nullcon where individuals attempt to attack and defend computers and networks using certain software and network structures. The duration of the event would be around 2 hours.


The winner takes away:

  • Trophy
  • Certificate
  • Exciting Goodies


  • Introduction: 20 mins
  • Challenges to solve - 1 hr 40 mins
  • Feedback - 20 mins

Why be a part of this event?

  • You can test your hacking skills.
  • A unique event for Women in Technology and Security.
  • To learn different attack vectors for various vulnerabilities and have fun while doing it.


7th Feb, 2015 @ nullcon Goa

Rules and Guidelines

  • The event is free if you have a conference pass (Student, Individual and Corporate).
  • Women interested in attending this event can be offered 20% discount on all types of passes.

Participants Requirement

Hardware requirements

  • A laptop with Admin privileges.
  • At least 20 GB of free space.
  • Minimum 3GB Ram

Software requirements

  • Operating System any of the following: OSX, Win 7 and above, Ubuntu 12.0.4
  • VMware OR Virtual Box 4.x.x installed

About Nullcon Winja Team

Apoorva Giri

Apoorva works as a Security Analyst with iViZ Security (a Cigital company).She has presented a workshop on "Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking for Women" at c0c0n 2014at Kochi, Kerala. Her interests lie in Web Application Security and Mobile Security. She's an active member of null/OWASP Bangalore Chapter. She has been listed on the Barracuda Hall of Fame for finding vulnerabilities on their application.

Shruthi Kamath

Shruthi works at Infosys Limited. She is a certified Ethical Hacker from EC Council .She has presented a workshop on "Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking for Women" at c0c0n 2014.She has conducted a one day workshop on "OWASP TOP 10" at Null Bangalore chapter. She has presented on "Secure SDLC" at c0c0n Conference 2013.She has participated at Jailbreak nullcon 2014. She presented a talk on "Cybercrimes in India and its Mitigation" at the National Conference for Women Police held at Trivandrum. She's an active member of null/OWASP Bangalore Chapter. Her area of interest is Web Application Security.

Sneha Rajguru

Sneha works at Payatu Technologies Pvt.Ltd. She is a Certified Ethical Hacker and a Licensed Penetration Tester from EC Council. She's an active member of null Pune Chapter and has presented talks on various information security related topics during the local null meets(Pune chapter). Her area of interest lies in Web application and mobile application security and fuzzing.

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