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Training by Security Gurus

When techniques are built stage-by-stage
When Kernels are Swamped Page-By-Page,
Evasions are crafted segment-by-segment
Cryptography is fooled fragment-by-fragment
Network are scanned Packet by Packet
Exploits are laid Byte-by-Bye

The Memory is crawled Bit-By-Bit....

Then the great crack down happens,
Great walls crumble, Big Bullies are Humbled,
Authorities are challenged, Status-Quo is changed...


Thats the magic of Hacking,
Thats the Power of Hacking.

Experience the Joy of Hacking, along with 1500+ hackers around the world...
Enjoy Every bit of it.....

Be the Part of yet another edition of most popular CTF - HACKIM,
Only at Nullcon 8Bit...

Start Date: 10th Feb 2017 10:00 pm IST
End Date: 12th Feb 2017 10:00 am IST

Prize Details:
First Winner
- USD 250 as CASH prize
- FREE Conference Corporate Pass
- FREE shared accommodation for 2nights during nullcon

1st Runner up
- USD 150 as CASH prize
- FREE Conference Corporate Pass
- FREE shared accommodation for 2nights during nullcon

2nd Runner up
- FREE Conference Corporate Pass
- FREE shared accommodation for 2nights during nullcon

27 Winner will get Individual Conference Passes

Coming Soon

EMC Defenders League

The Red Team Blue Team approach is a well known model for network security where the Red Team is tasked with Penetrating the network and its assets as much as possible while the Blue Team is responsible for identifying vulnerabilities and weaknesses ahead in order to take necessary measures to protect against successful attacks against those vulnerabilities.

The EMC Defenders League 2015 consists of an on-site capture the flag (CTF) event involving 30 participants selected during an earlier online event. The participants compete with each other in a game designed following the Red Team Blue Team model of network security. Auxiliary challenges are also presented to score extra points. The challenges involved during the event varies across multiple topics in information security including network security, web application security, software exploitation, cryptography, forensics etc.

Winner Receives a CASH PRIZE of INR 500000 /-

Gear up for the Ultimate Security Challenge. Reinforce Trust in IT !

Greetings Ladies,
Are you a security enthusiast? Have you ever wished to be a part of puzzle-solving competition, but never got a chance to participate? Have you ever wanted to test your knowledge by solving hacking simulated challenges? Well then here’s your chance to be a part of Winja!

Why be a part of WINJA ?

Well, Winja focuses on bringing women in tech ahead and to help them explore their potential in a comfortable environment and to geek out without feeling intimidated.

What is WINJA ?

Winja – CTF is a complete “challenge based” set of simulated hacking challenges relating to “Web Security”, separated into small tasks that can be solved individually by the women attendees, who will attempt to attack and defend the computers and networks using certain tools and network structures.The duration of the event would be of 2 hours.


The CTF is constituted of 3 parts

  • Introduction to the event - 10 minutes
  • Challenges to solve – 1 hr 40 minutes
  • Feedback - 10 minutes

The winner takes away:

  • Trophy
  • Certificate
  • Exciting Goodies

Rules and Guidelines

  • The event is free if you have a conference pass (Student, Individual and Corporate).
  • Women interested in attending this event can be offered 20% discount on all types of passes.

Winja Sponsor

Participants Requirement

Hardware requirements

  • A laptop with Admin privileges.
  • At least 20 GB of free space.
  • Minimum 3GB Ram

Software requirements

  • Operating System any of the following: OSX, Win 7 and above, Ubuntu 12.0.4
  • VMware OR Virtual Box 4.x.x installed

Winja – CTF lets you test your hacking skills and helps you learn new as well as different attack methodologies to exploit a vulnerability.
This is a unique event with the aim to spread awareness of information security among the Women.

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