Abhay Bhargav

CTO at we45

Abhay Bhargav

Speaker Bio

Abhay Bhargav is the CTO of we45, a focused Application Security company. Abhay is the author of two international publications. “Secure Java for Web Application Development” and “PCI Compliance: A Definitive Guide”. Abhay is a builder and breaker of applications, and has authored multiple applications in Django and NodeJS. He is a passionate Pythonista and loves the idea of automation in security.

This passion prompted him to author the world’s first hands-on Security in DevOps workshop that has been delivered in multiple locations, and recently as a sold-out workshop at the OWASP AppSecUSA 2016 in Washington DC. He regularly trains professionals on Application Security, Mobile Application Security and IoT Security. In addition, Abhay speaks regularly at industry events including OWASP, ISACA, Oracle OpenWorld, JavaOne, and others.

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