Akib Sayyed

Founder at Matrix Shell Technologies Pvt Ltd

Akib Sayyed

Talk Title

Case study of SS7/Sigtran assessment


Since last year many people are talking about ss7 but no case study of ss7 pentesting is released yet I shall be releasing penetration testing case study for SS7/SIGTRAN.

  1. How penetration testing was done and what ware challenges etc
  2. Methodology used for ss7 assessment
  3. Commonly found issues
  4. Types of protocol flaws that makes ss7 vulnerable
  5. Most common methods of attacks in SS7
  6. SS7 in darkweb
  7. Preventive measures for SS7 vulnerabilities
  8. Tool release

Speaker Bio

I am working in telecom security field since last 5 years, found good number of zerodays in telecom network. Gave talk in Nullcon 2012, Nullcon 2015,C0c0n.

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