Ben Herzberg

Security Research Manager at Imperva Incapsula

Ben Herzberg

Talk Title

The Mirai BotNet and where DDoS attacks are headed


The Mirai BotNet was used to take down large parts of the Internet during October 2016. This marked a new era for MDoS (Massive Denial of Service) attacks, based on the exponential growth in IoT devices and Mobile devices, as well as the security issues involved with these devices.

In this talk we will explore the Mirai attacks through its source code, the attacks seen in the wild, and how those attacks looks like in a NOC/SOC of an organization being attacked. We will demonstrate the attacks themselves, and see what needs to be done in order to prevent this from being a catastrophe by 2020.

Speaker Bio

Ben has years of experience in hacking stuff, writing code, and in his past was a red team leader, and technical leader as a CTO. Ben is now the group manager of Imperva-Incapsula's security research group, consisting of elite security researchers and developers - researching applications, traffic, protocols & trends in cyber threats.

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