Hackers InSight

If you are an audience of nullcon, you would have definitely heard of Hackers. You may have heard of many things about us, some true some maybe not.

So a bunch of us decided that it was time to meet you face to face in real life, so that

- We can be in your sight and you can form your own opinions & judgements about us
- And, we can share our insights about a variety of security related topics

Why are we doing this?
1. We are a bit sick of all the incredibly naive and inaccurate perceptions that have been built about the hacker community
2. We would like to interact with the conference attendees and give them a chance to see what a hacker may look like, how a hacker may talk and generally not all of us either wear hoodies or will actually fit into one

Why should you attend the panel?
1. If you seek opinions and attend a discussion about burning security topics and don't want it tinged with hidden agendas or ignorant reporting, you should definitely attend our panel
2. If you want to have a great time discovering what the real hacker community looks like in India, you should attend and bring others to attend as well
3. If you want the truth and can handle the truth, come attend

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