Jay Turla

Application Security Engineer at Bugcrowd Inc.

Talk Title

Explorer's Guide to Shooting Satellite Transponders


Phone phreaking was the subculture in the 70's and 80's. In the 90's up to this generation, satellite hacking made a breakthrough - from hacking the skies for feed hunting and exploiting satellite Internet connections. In this talk, join Jay as he unveils that satellite feed hunting has been easier these days and will share his experience in being able to watch an alternative channel / satellite instead of paying a subscription for Manny Pacquiao's fights. This talk is a guide to starting satellite hacking the easy way - one kebab at a time.

Speaker Bio

Jay Turla is an application security engineer at Bugcrowd Inc., and one of the goons of ROOTCON. He has been acknowledged and rewarded by Facebook, Adobe, Yahoo, Microsoft, Mozilla, etc. for his responsible disclosures. He has also contributed auxiliary and exploit modules to the Metasploit Framework: Host Header Injection Detection, BisonWare BisonFTP Server Buffer Overflow, Zemra Botnet CnC Web Panel Remote Code Execution, Simple Backdoor Shell Remote Code Execution, w3tw0rk / Pitbul IRC Bot Remote Code Execution, etc.

He used to work for HP Fortify where he performs Vulnerability Assessment, Remediation and Advance Testing.

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