Renaud Lifchitz

IoT security expert at Digital Security

Talk Title

Blockchain and security : bank and insurance applications


Summary / Outline:

  • Blockchain advantages
  • Security concerns
  • Interesting usages
  • Analysis of « The Dao » vulnerability

  • How to connect blockchains to the real world : oracles
  • How to choose blockchain technology
  • How to choose programming langage
  • Technical security recommendations
  • Functional security recommendations
  • Demonstrations : some banking examples
  • Practical applications and current projects

Speaker Bio

Renaud Lifchitz is a French senior IT security consultant. He has a solid penetration testing, training and research background. His main interests are secure programming, protocol security (authentication, cryptography, protocol security, information leakage, zero-knowledge proof, RFID security) and number theory. He currently mostly works on wireless protocols security and was speaker for the following international conferences: CCC 2010 (Germany), Hackito Ergo Sum 2010 & 2012 & 2014 (France), DeepSec 2012 (Austria), Nuit Du Hack 2016 (France), Shakacon 2012 (USA), 8dot8 2013 (Chile), CyberSec 2016 (Switzerland). Renaud's significant security studies are about : contactless debit cards, GSM geolocation, blockchain, RSA signatures, ZigBee, Sigfox, LoRaWAN, Vigik and quantum computation (some speaker past work:

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