Swamy Shivaganga Nagaraju

Senior Security Software Engineer at Microsoft

Swamy Shivaganga Nagaraju

Talk Title

Agility with security mitigations in Windows 10

Speaker Bio

Swamy Shivaganga Nagaraju, is currently a member of the Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC) Vulnerability & Mitigations team. He spends most of his time on analyzing vulnerabilities and exploits affecting Microsoft platforms and products. He also researches on adding mitigations to the Microsoft products to make it more robust and resilient against the vulnerability exploitation.


Security mitigations are an innovative way of looking at security problems as it helps us eliminate classes of vulnerabilities/exploit techniques by moving the needle away from individual fixes. As Windows moved into faster release cycle, it has become more agile on security mitigations. More and more security mitigations are made available to customers quicker than before. Since Windows 10 we have added many mitigations with every release much faster. Continuous mitigation additions are evident if you are part of Windows Insider Program. This talk is focused towards, how this new release cadence has made it possible to land mitigations quickly and details about some of the security mitigations & features that were added since Windows 10 release.

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