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Volunteer Registration 2017

Call for Volunteers 2017 @nullcon 8Bit #L375r0ck17 \m/

olunteering with nullcon is always a fun and great Experience. Since Last year we had started a new format of Calling in Volunteers.
To make the Volunteering work more accountable and at the same time enjoyable, rewarding, we rely on Precise Planning & Smooth Execution.
So we hereby request all our candidates interested in Volunteering at Nullcon 8 Bit 2017, Please read the terms and conditions carefully , before signing up for volunteering and filling up the planner.

Terms and Condition


At nullcon, each day is of 14 Hours and we generally follow 4-2-1 Rule at Nullcon :

  • [4] One shift is of 4 Hours and volunteer must go for a break after the shift.
  • [2] One MUST not work more than 2 shifts in a day.
  • [1] Volunteer must commit a minimum of 1 Day (14 hours) of work

  • For all the volunteers, Share Accommodation will be provided by Nullcon near the conference venue.
  • Considering your convenience or preferences, you are free to stay elsewhere at your own expense and responsibility.
  • While on shifts, Food expenses are covered by us.
  • Reporting at the Conference (Date & Time) : 1600 Hours, 2nd March 2017 is the reporting time at Conference Venue. You can check in early to claim your accommodations.
  • Reporting at the Shifts : Volunteers need to Report 10 mins before their Shift Timings and expected to stay 10 mins after their Shifts for smooth hand over of the charge.
  • Volunteers MUST wear the the T-Shrits provided for Volunteers, at all the times of their shifts.
Efforts Planning
  • Detailed planning, work responsibilities and shift timings will we worked out later keeping your interests and abilities in mind.
  • The Team Leader’s assigned for your effort group will be your Reporting and shift incharge.
  • All work & brake related communications should be done with the Team Leaders directly.
  • We encourage you to talk to your Team Leads to plan your shifts which will balance work and enjoyment + learning by attending the talks/events of your interest at the Conference.
  • Volunteers not adhering to time disciplines or unable to complete the committed shifts need to pay for the accommodation and registration pass provided free to the volunteers.
  • NullCon reserves right to cancel Volunteer benefits in any case of misbehavior or conference's violation of code of conduct.
  • Any complaints of misbehaviour will lead to Blacklisting of the candidate for Volunteering at Nullcon.

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