Arun Mane & Rushikesh Nandedkar

Sr. Security Researcher at Payatu Software Labs

Arun Mane and Rushikesh Nandedkar

Talk Title

ICS Village


The ICS Contest / context is targeted toward pen-testers, hackers, students and enthusiasts who really want to study and want to have experience on Scada (ICS) Hacking.

Contest CTF: There will be certain challenges for the attendees and some GOODIES to give away for the winners.


Arun Mane :- Arun is a Hardware, IOT and ICS Security Researcher, working with Payatu Software Labs as Sr. Security Researcher. His areas of interest are Hardware Security, SCA, Fault Injection, RF protocols and Firmware Reverse Engineering. He also has experience in performing Security Audits for both Government and private clients. He has presented a talk at the nullcon 2016,2017 Goa, GNUnify 2017, BseideDelhi 2017,Defcamp8 2017 and also co-trainer for IOT hacking training and delivered in HITB 2017, HITP 2017, private clients in London, Australia, Sweden, Netherlands etc He is an active member of null - The open Security community ( and Garage4Hackers Community (

Rushikesh Nandedkar :- Rushikesh is a security analyst. Having more than six years of experience under his belt, his assignments have always been pointed towards reducing the state of insecurity for information. His research papers were accepted at NCACNS 2013, nullcon 2014, HITCON 2014, Defcamp 2014, BruCON 2015, DEFCON 24, BruCON 2016 and x33fcon 2017,c0c0n X 2017, BsidesDelhi 2017. Being an avid CTF player, for him, solace is messing up with packets, frames and shellcodes.

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