Fabian Affolter

Fabian Affolter

Talk Title

Understanding CryptoCurrencies 101

  • Overview cryptocurrencies
    • History
    • Difference to real money
    • Big players (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc.)
    • Proof of work, Proof of Stake
    • Socialpolitical impact
  • Bitcoin (*)
    • How it works
    • Transactions
    • Wallets
    • Issues
  • Blockchain (*)
    • What it is
    • Using it (offline, online, searching, etc.)
    • Issues (Size, Speed, Forks, etc.)
    • Alternative use cases (Proof of existance, Smart contracts, IoT, etc)
  • Mining (*)
    • What it is
    • Techniques (single, pool, Cloud, Browser)
    • Hardware (CPU, GPU, etc.)
    • Issues (Initial investment, ROI, etc.)

(*) Hands-on

Personal hands-on notes:

  • Bitcoin:
    Using Electrum or another lightweight client (no download of the whole Blockchain) and the Bitcoin Testnet would allow the participants to do transactions. Should also be possible for people who are only carrying their smartphone (Bitcoin Wallet for Testnet)
  • Blockchain
    Use a simple implementation (needs to have web frontend for people with smartphones) to show the concept and work with it.
  • Mining:
    Demo setup with a USB ASIC miner connected to a single board computer. CPU mining could be shown too as no additional hardware is required (besides a laptop).


Fabian Affolter is a security analyst and systems engineer. Today his focus is on information security, network security, and encryption. From time to time he deals with the mass deployment of systems and configuration management. Fabian is a long-time contributor to various open source projects, especially the Fedora Project and Alpine Linux. He is the lead of the Fedora Security Lab development and the head developer of the Fedora Security Lab Testbench. Thanks to a background in mechanical engineering, microcontrollers and industrial bus/control systems he is also one of the core developers of Home Assistant. Fabian holds a B.Sc. in engineering and one in computer science and enjoys reading and hiking in his spare time.

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