Kirill Puzankov

Telecom Security Specialist at Positive Technologies

Talk Title

Comprehensive hacker techniques in mobile networks


It's not a closed world anymore. Nearly all operators now admit that attackers have penetrated SS7 networks by exploiting a whole range of signaling network vulnerabilities.

Tracking subscriber location, obtaining call details, tapping, intercepting text messages that contain security codes - all that we hear over the last years. Security measures are being built but the hackers do not sit back.

Our researches alongside with security monitoring and audits show that attackers have learned how to skillfully bypass most of the known protection measures. In the presentation the following issues will be addressed:

  • What refined techniques and tricks do malefactors use
  • What unusual attack scenarios we came across in terms of security monitoring
  • How should security network specialists respond to fight newly learned hackers effectively


Kirill Puzankov Telecom Security Expert, Positive Technologies. Kirill graduated from Russian State University for the Humanities with a degree in Information systems security in 2014. Being a security expert in telecommunication systems at Positive Technologies, he is engaged in the research of signaling network security and in audits for international mobile operators. He is part of the team that revealed vulnerable points in popular two-factor authentication schemes using texts and demonstrated how easy it is to compromise Facebook, WhatsApp, and Telegram accounts.

As an expert in telecom security, he researches signaling network security, participates in audits for international mobile operators, Telecom Attack Discovery deployments and expert attack analysis.

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