Leonid Evdokimov

Developer at Open Observatory of Network Interference

Leonid Evdokimov

Talk Title

OONI: measuring Internet filters and their unexpected impact


During this talk, I will give an overview of OONI and several incidents when the existence of country-wide IT systems responsible for "Internet censorship" led to unintended or unwanted consequences.

OONI, the Open Observatory of Network Interference is a project for documenting and revealing various violations of Internet Connectivity. In 2017, we released mobile applications, reported on policy changes, and now process close to 100,000 measurements from over 200 countries each month. We'll share how we're thinking about increasing transparency and accountability around the issues of access and censorship, and how you can join this growing, open, movement.


Leonid Evdokimov is a developer in Open Observatory of Network Interference, The Tor Project, responsible for data analysis and network measurement methodology. Prior to joining the OONIverse in 2016 he worked as a staff software engineer in the largest web-search engine in Russia.

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