Rushikesh D. Nandedkar

Senior Software Engineer, FireEye

Rushikesh D. Nandedkar

Talk Title

DARWIN (A parasite covert wireless network)


While wireless networks are doing great with their significant features, we are busy finding a way to (mis!)use them, taking advantage of some of those significant features to our leisure and mischief. And in this endeavor, we are pleased to introduce you all to:

DARWIN (Disguised Adaptive Resilient Wireless Independent Network)

Following our DEFCON 24 talk on wireless covert channels, we knew that the real-world use case is missing. DARWIN did the needful to fill in the gap appropriately. DARWIN is an application of wireless covert channels, which at present facilitates an unmanaged chat utility, in presence||absence of legitimate wireless networks in local radio periphery.


Rushikesh is a security analyst. Having more than six years of experience under his belt, his assignments have always been pointed towards reducing the state of insecurity for information. His research papers were accepted at NCACNS 2013, nullcon 2014, HITCON 2014, Defcamp 2014, BruCON 2015, DEFCON 24, BruCON 2016, x33fcon 2017, c0c0n-X 2017, BruCON 2017 and Bsides Delhi 2017. + Co-author of "DECEPTICON," an intelligent evil-twin. Being an avid CTF player, for him, solace is messing up with packets, frames, and shellcodes.

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