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Volunteer Registration 2018

Terms and Condition

Time / Benefits

At nullcon, each day is of 10 Hours. The day will be split into 2 parts of 5 hours each

  • One must not work more than 2 shifts in a day
  • A Volunteer must commit to a minimum of 1 Full Day (10 hours) of work
  • One can always take a light break between shift or cool off the heals at the Volunteer Bay
  • The Volunteer Bay will have Red Bull / Coffee / Tea / Biscuits / Water well stacked for a quick break
Reporting / Shift Timings
  • Reporting at the Conference (Date & Time): 1400 Hours, 1 March 2018 is the reporting time at Conference Venue. You can check in early to claim your accommodations.
  • Reporting at the Shifts: Volunteers need to Report to the Volunteer Bay at 7:00 am sharp
  • During Shift Change: During the shift change the next volunteer must report 10 mins before their start time to take smooth handover.
  • Day End: Upon completion of the day, the Volunteers must report to the Bay and handover all the documents or items in their custody
  • Volunteers MUST wear the T-Shirts provided for Volunteers, at all the times of their shifts. The Badge has to be clearly visible
Efforts Planning
  • Work responsibilities will be handed according to the task selected
  • All Volunteers to be report to POCs for any queries and clarifications
  • All work & break related communications should be done with the POCs directly
  • Each Team will be given a hand held radio device for hassle free communication

We encourage you to talk to your POCs to plan your shifts which will balance work and enjoyment + learning by attending the talks/events of your interest at the Conference

  • For all the volunteers, Shared Accommodation will be provided by Nullcon near the conference venue
  • Considering your convenience or preferences, you are free to stay elsewhere at your own expense and responsibility
  • During the Shift time your food is covered
  • We understand that being in Goa we would like to have a leisurely evening by the beach or over few drinks, however you would have to report to the shift on time and avoid any excuses as the event is of prime importance
  • We understand that you would love to attend and be a part of conference and listen in on the various discussions or talks. We do appreciate this and will be glad for you to attend them too. To make it possible for you to be a part of your favourite talk, we have distributed your work to shifts. You decide which talk you wish to be a part of and we let you adjust your shift accordingly. However, while you are in your shift time, no request for change will be accepted.
Important Notice
  • Volunteers not adhering to time disciplines or unable to complete the committed shifts need to pay for the accommodation and registration pass provided free to the volunteers.
  • NullCon reserves right to cancel Volunteer benefits in any case of misbehaviour or conference's violation of code of conduct.
  • Any complaints of misbehaviour will lead to Blacklisting of the candidate for Volunteering at Nullcon.

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