Kevin Barker & Christian Herrmann

Software Priest at Rfid Research Group RRG


Talk Title

Unlocking secrets of the Proxmark3 RDV4.0


Addressing the issues with the previous generations of the Proxmark, Chris (Iceman) will discuss the new features and their use of popular card formats used around the globe today.


Christian Herrmann (Iceman) is a co-founder of RRG, administrator of proxmark3 forum, maintainer of GitHub proxmark3 repo, iceman fork of chameleon mini and proxmark3, Certified MCPD enterprise architect and well-known deep knowledge with proxmark3 and attacking all kind of RFID based systems.


Kevin Barker (0xFFFF) is a co-founder of RRG, administrator on proxmark3 forum since the very beginning, working with security management and Access Control systems at Inner Range, Australia, the last ten years.

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