Kirils Solovjovs

Lead Researcher, Possible Security


Talk Title

Security alarm system — feeling of security or cause for alarm


Some of us opt to have a security alarm system installed in our homes or at work. To have peace of mind, presumably. But will a security alarm system really bring you a feeling of security or will the security bugs in it actually be the cause for alarm? A concise summary of your talk in one or two sentences. You can use markdown here. This talk is the result of further research on a home alarm system. Previously author demonstrated live demos and published code that allowed to sniff PIN codes from the COMBUS. In this talk, author looks into active keypad emulation, RF attacks, and more.Feasibility and process of reverse engineering the firmware itself is also described.


Mg. sc. comp. Kirils Solovjovs is Lead Researcher at Possible Security and the most visible white-hat hacker in Latvia having discovered and responsibly disclosed or reported multiple security vulnerabilities in information systems of both national and international significance. Kirils is one of the authors of the jailbreak tool for Mikrotik RouterOS. He has extensive experience in network flow analysis, reverse engineering, social engineering and penetration testing.

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