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Dr.-Ing. Mario Heiderich

Founder at Cure53


Talk Title

How to build your own Infosec Company - An ode to the boutique, not the Behemoth


Hate your job, hate your boss, hate your coworkers, even more, cannot stand getting up every morning at seven, just to commute right into an office full of nightmares? Worry no more, rescue is near.

This talk will give you an overview on how to best get started with first building and the running your own security company. Without going insane or even bankrupt in the process.

The speaker, whose handsomeness is obviously growing proportionally with his age, will share his own experiences in this realm, tell you about the pitfalls and death traps that accompany this process, and get you ready for the magic moment - you looking at your own small security company.

This talk will be quite honest, so don't expect the usual start-up convention garbage presentation for "serial entrepreneurs" and similar folks.


Dr.-Ing. Mario Heiderich, handsome heart-breaker, bon-vivant and (as he loves to call himself) "security researcher" is from Berlin, likes everything between lesser- and greater-than, leads the small yet exquisite pen-test company called Cure53 and pesters peaceful attendees on various 5th tier conferences with his hastily assembled powerpoint-slides.

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