Shivang Desai

Sr. Security Researcher, Zscaler Inc.


Talk Title

Andromeda - GUI based Dynamic Instrumentation Toolkit powered by Frida


Andromeda is a GUI (Graphical User Interface) based on Frida and powered by Python under the hood. Andromeda guides researcher/pentester with features like classes and methods enumeration, hooking and intercepting particular methods with ease of clicks during dynamic app analysis.

It auto-creates snippets, on the run, which further helps in hooking an interception. One of the unique features of Andromeda is runtime memory analysis. One can analyze memory dumps from accessible addresses and perform functionalities like string search, pattern search, scan memory etc. This sets Andromeda apart from other alternative tools based on Frida.


Shivang Desai is security researcher at Zscaler Inc. His current role allows him to research on Android Malwares and develop methodologies to mitigate further attacks on organisations. He loves to blog about Android malwares encountered in the wild. Along with Researcher profile, he also wears hat of Automation expert and IoT enthusiast.

While away from malware, he generally likes to spend time reading books, playing outdoor games and enjoying soundtracks.

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