Stephan Gerling

Security Evangelist


Workshop Title:

Another Place, another Time - GPS threats and countermeasures


As of today, modern life heavily relies on Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) - public named GPS. Everyone uses GPS in mobile phones, cars, tracking of goods etc. But it is also used for time synchronization in many businesses like the power grid, stock exchange, and others. In this talk, I want to show current possibilities in manipulating the GNSS signal in several areas, what are the threats are in this and what we can do to avoid this threat.


Stephan Gerling is a 49 years old electronic specialist. He worked at the German Army as an electronic specialist on Helicopters and took part in several missions. He is more than 30 years a firefighter. For him everything started with a C64 in 1983. He always wanted to know, how things work and he voids the warranty and his background in electronics and IT his force.

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