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Phishing Simulation


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Phishing Simulation


Jyoti Raval

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Phishing Simulation tool mainly aims to increase phishing awareness & understanding by providing an intuitive tutorial and customized assessment to assess people's action on any given situation without performing actual phishing activity; and further gives analysis of what is the current awareness posture of targeted users.

The tool has below modules:

  • Tutorial -> To increase the awareness by providing an interactive and intuitive tutorial
  • Assessment -> To evaluate the current understanding and actions of user on any given situation
  • Setup Test -> This module let's any user to create the customized campaign and target multiple users at same time
  • Analysis -> Graphical representation to understand the current awareness posture


Jyoti Raval works as a Senior Web Application Security Analyst with Qualys. Jyoti is responsible for researching on improving Dynamic Application Security Testing(DAST)Tsool, perform web application pen-testing; and understanding new security trends. She is also OWASP Pune chapter leader. She loves to assess things and hence presenting an assessment tool ;)

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