• Goa 2020
  • CXO Track


nullcon holds multiple CXO panel sessions during two days of the conference. Typically a CXO panel consists of four to five people discussing a trending topic in InfoSec. The session, moderated by an industry expert is followed by quick questions from the audience. A CXO panel session is generally a good way to inform and educate the audience of the latest trends.

NULLCON Goa 2020 - Panel Discussions

Title Predicting Danger: Building the Ideal Threat Intelligence Model
Moderator Saikat Datta NULLCON
Panelists Manu Zacharia ISRA
Maj Gen Sandeep Sharma (Retd.) NTRO
Title Securing the Human Factor
Moderator Rahul Neel Mani Grey Head Media
Panelists Phoram Mehta PayPal
Dr. Suresh A Shan Mahindra Finance
Matthew Bohne Honeywell
Title Complication in security practices
Moderator Vaibhav Gupta Adobe
Panelists Himanshu Kumar Das CRED
Ankur Bhargava cure.fit
Neelu Tripathy ThoughtWorks
Kushal Das Freedom of the Press Foundation
Title Supply Chain Security in Critical Infrastructure Systems
Moderator Cristofaro Mune Pulse Security
Panelists Manish Tiwari Bharti Airtel
Suchit Mishra Autonomous Intelligent Driving (AID)
Dr. Faruk Kazi Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute (VJTI)
Title Economics of Data Breach and Attack
Moderator Bhaskar Medhi Ziroh Labs
Panelists Shivkumar Pandey BSE Ltd.
Navaneethan M PayU
Title Hack the law : Protection for ethical cyber security research in India
Moderator Apar Gupta Internet Freedom Foundation (IFF)
Panelists Manu Zacharia ISRA
Neelu Tripathy ThoughtWorks
Raman Jit Singh Chima Access Now
Subramanian Chandrasekhar Microsoft India
Title Lessons from the Cyber Trenches
Moderator Burgess Cooper Ernst & Young
Panelists Partha Chakraborty ITC Ltd.
Jacxine Fernandez Adani Enterprises Ltd
Venkatesh Subramaniam Olam

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