Robert Lipovsky


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Kr00k: How KRACKing Amazon Echo exposed a billion+ vulnerable Wi-Fi devices


Initially discovering that some Amazon Echoes and Kindles were vulnerable to attacks against WPA2 (KRACK), we then found that a related attack, which could enable adversaries to decrypt wireless network packets, affects Wi-Fi chipsets used in over a billion devices including some by Apple, Google, and Samsung. The chipset-level, the all-zero-key vulnerability has been assigned CVE-2019- 15126. For easier reference and distinction from previous research, we dubbed it Kr00k. The presentation will include technical details and a demonstration, where we will show how we were able to trigger a reassociation to set an all-zero encryption key and decrypt intercepted packets.

We will also cover the potential impact of these vulnerabilities, along with the limitations of exploiting them, and the associated responsible disclosure process.


Robert Lipovsky is a Senior Malware Researcher for ESET, with 12 years’ experience in cybersecurity. He is responsible for threat intelligence and malware analysis and leads the Malware Research Team at ESET headquarters in Bratislava. He is a regular speaker at security conferences, including Black Hat USA, RSAC, c0c0n, Virus Bulletin, Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit, Hacktivity, Code Blue, AVAR, and various NATO-organized conferences. He also teaches reverse engineering at the Slovak University of Technology – his alma mater, and at Comenius University. When not bound to a keyboard, he enjoys traveling, playing guitar and flying single-engine airplanes.

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