Amey Gat & Swapnil Wadwalkar

Paper Title

Physical Lock Security


The locks used around us today are mass produces and widely exploitable. Right from your simple office drawer to your home’s main door, majority of locks are vulnerable to simple exploitation techniques. The strong looking hard metal locks can have soft roots for hacker undertaking. This workshop is going to help you learn types of locks like wafer locks, pin-tumbler locks and dimple locks and a way to open some of them without having an actual key by your disposal.

Speaker Bio

Amey Gat

Twitter: @ameygat

Working as Threat Researcher by Day ;-)   Into information Security field from more than 10 years.

Moderator and Core Team member of hackers group , one of the leet hacker groups of India.

Hardware and Electronics enthusiastic works, with AVR and other embedded devices as hobby.

Started first Lock Picking Workshop in India at NullCon 2015, Done embedded hardware workshop in NullCon, Creator of first Nullcon Hardware Badge in 2014, Multiple time speaker at NullCon.

Likes to research on hardware vectors interfacing with current infrastructures of computer networks.

Swapnil Wadwalkar (Godwin Austin)

Twitter: @G0dw1n_Au571n

Swapnil Wadwalkar is a security enthusiast and a proud member of Garage4Hackers community from a good length of time. He is a die-hard supporter of open source community. His areas of interests are vulnerability research, penetration testing, jotting down tools in python and picking locks. Co-Started first Lock Picking Workshop in India at NullCon 2015. He likes to break in or out of anything in sight. In other words, your normal next door garden verity hacker!

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