Brendan Leitch

Director, Ixia

Paper Title

Train like you fight : Develop Cyber Warriors


Firewalls, IDS and IPS Systems, Sandboxes, etc are not enough to navigate the complex threat landscape. Organizations worldwide face a dangerous shortage of Cyber Warriors with the skills required to defend against cyber terrorism. Security team and Security Operations Centre (SOC) need both simple to use tools and properly trained people to verify your security infrastructure is mitigating the complex threat landscape. Come learn how powerful, yet simple tools will make you confident that your infrastructure will do what it was designed. Learn how cyber range works, offensive and defensive ways of attacking the network and figuring out loop holes. Understand the skills required to become a cyber warrior. “A million dollar plane is a piece of junk if you don’t have a trained pilot”.

Speaker Bio

Brendan Leitch is the Head of Asia Marketing at Ixia. Brendan has over 20 years’ experience in the telecom and networking business with a career spanning development, technical field sales, solution sales, and most importantly to Ixia, field and solution marketing.

He has held senior sales and marketing positions with Nortel, Cisco, Broadsoft, Juniper Networks, and BT Global Services, primarily in customer facing roles working with Service Provider and Enterprise end users across the Asia Pacific region.

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