Craig Smith

Founder, Open Garages (USA)

Craig Smith

Paper Title

Automatic Automotive Hacking


I will be demonstrating how hacking vehicles is getting easier. Security research and tools are evolving at a pace that far surpasses automanufacturers ability to add security. I will be demonstrating a new tool that that can automatically identify portions of any vehicle and both attack the vehicle and build a simulator, all in under 5 minutes. This whole process requires no special knowledge of the vehicle from the researcher and the tool does not need to be programmed to work with the target vehicle.

Speaker Bio

Craig Smith is the Founder of Open Garages, a community organization that focuses on collaboration of Security Researchers, Mechanics, Performance Tuners and Artists. He is also the author of the Car Hacker's Handbook and has been doing security work for over 20 years with a focus on automotive security work in the last 5 years.

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