Neelu Tripathy

Senior security consultant with NII Consulting India Pvt. Ltd (India)

Workshop Title

At Wit’s EnD : Social Engineering Man & the Machine or Social Engineering Village


All contestants are required to carry a laptop/PC to participate in the CTF to be held at the Village[at least one per team]. Suggested to have set up ready with your tools of choice for open source intelligence gathering/OSINT.

Speaker Bio

She is working as senior security consultant with NII Consulting India Pvt. Ltd. She started as a developer and has been working on vulnerability assessments and penetration tests for web applications and networks and threat modelling for financial and banking applications and has a fair idea of the challenges and design solutions for the same.
She is actively involved in projects for building and execution of various threat cases, bending business logic, executing social engineering scenarios, spear phishing, building exploits, red teaming, wireless pentesting, etc.. She loves to use her analytical skills to participate in various research activities and innovation.
Apart from security assessments, she has conducted assignments such as secure code reviews, red team attacks, data extrusions, network audits, data leakage investigations & power audits for various domains such as finance, banking, travel, telecom and so on.

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