Vladimir Katalov

ElcomSoft Co.Ltd. - CEO & Co-Founder (Russia)

Paper Title

What Google knows about you and your devices, and how to get it


With cloud forensics picking up, Google becomes one of the most important sources of information about anyone who uses one or more Android devices - or doesn't use Android at all. Google Account aggregates information about the user's online behavior and offline activities, analyzes their communication, recommending places to visit and things to read.

Comprehensive location history of the user, all Google searches ever launched on all mobile and desktop devices, Chrome bookmarks and browsing history, credit card data and purchase history, travel data including air tickets, hotel stays and car rentals (even if not booked through Google itself), all Hangouts conversations and much more data are collected, stored and used by Google. The various pieces of information are kept in multiple places, are accessible via vastly different protocols and require Google authentication. By attending this session, you'll learn how to extract all this information in its entirety without browser authentication.

Speaker Bio

Vladimir Katalov is CEO, co-owner and co-founder of ElcomSoft Co.Ltd. Born in 1969 and grew up in Moscow, Russia. He studied Applied Mathematics in Moscow Engineering-Physics Institute (State University); from 1987 to 1989, was sergeant in the Soviet Army. Vladimir works in ElcomSoft from the very beginning (1990); in 1997, he created the first program the password recovery software line has started from: Advanced ZIP Password Recovery. Now he coordinates the software development process inside the company and develops strategic plans for future versions. Vladimir regularly visits various IT security- related events, conferences and trainings all over the world. He has shared his expertise through dozens of conference sessions.

Here is an incomplete list of the events: TechnoSecurity, BlackHat, CEIC, Infosecurity Europe, Infosecurity Russia, Infosecurity Japan, IT Security Area (it-sa), European Police Congress, e-Crime, Troopers, EuroForensics, FT-Day, China Computer Forensic Conference, Ruxcon, Nuit du Hack, Nullcon, CanSecWest, DeepSec, Interpolitex, etc.

Vladimir manages all technical researches and product developments in the company. He regularly presents on various events and also regularly runs it security and computer forensics trainings both for foreign and inner (Russian) computer investigative committees and other organizations.

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