Yashin Mehaboobe

Embedded Security Engineer, SecurityTube (INDIA)

Paper Title

Attacking Radio: A hands on workshop


Radio communication has existed for more than a century. It is currently used for purposes ranging from military communication to entertainment systems and everything in between. Security of radio communication has been a closely studied topic but is not a very widely known area. This workshop will be on analysis and attack of radio systems. It will be a hands on session where attendees will learn how to capture signals and analyze them.

Various attacks on such as interception and replay will be demonstrated. Attendees will be able to understand various hardwares used in radio security research such as HackRF, RFCat and RTL-SDR. A VM image with necessary tools will be provided. Attendees are requested to bring an RTL-SDR with them.


The outline of the workshop

  • Basics of radio
  • Security measures in radio
    • Frequency hopping
    • Encryption
    • Rolling code system
  • Attacks on radio
    • Interception
    • Jamming
    • Relay
    • Replay
  • Tools of the trade in radio security
    • Ubertooth
    • HackRF
    • RFCat
    • RTL-SDR
    • Commonly available radio modules
  • Reverse engineering radio signals
    • Over radio interface
    • Sniffing signals using a logic analyzer
  • Setting up the host side tools
  • Advanced attacks
    • Selective jamming
    • Attacks on rolling code systems

Speaker Bio

Yashin Mehaboobe is an Embedded Security Engineer at SecurityTube. He's been invited to speak at multiple conferences such as HITB Amsterdam, Nullcon, c0c0n, Kaspersky NextGeneration, Ground Zero Summit and Toorcon San Diego. His areas of interest span hardware security, malware analysis and reverse engineering. Yashin is also the author of various open source tools such as PyTriage and Arcanum.

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