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Volunteer Registration 2016

Volunteers are the FORCE who have been making nullcon a huge success every year.

Volunteering with nullcon was always a fun and great Experience. This year we are trying few new things to make the experience even more richer.

We want to make the work more accountable, smooth, easy and at the same time enjoyable and rewarding for our volunteers. 

Please read carefully the terms and conditions before signing up for volunteering and filling up the planner.

Pls take a look at the responsibilities of the Team Leads and the Team. Also the Planner sheet will be shared with you. You are free to choose their shifts. 

Only the volunteers planning to work for 30/24 or 16 hours will be Given accommodation for 5/4/3 days. 

Also you have choice to Work completely on training days and attend the whole conference without working or Attend training of your choice (which is available) and work throughout the briefings days.

Team Leads of each tasks are responsible for

  1. Plan for the shifts timings and number of people required and change the Planner Sheet accordingly.
  2. Approve and Correspond with the volunteers who opted for their shifts and explain them their duties over mail.
  3. Check the arrival and departure details of your volunteers, number of days they need the accommodation for and ensure everything is as per your plan.
  4. Hand over the Break Fast, Lunch coupons daily before their shifts when they report you
  5. Take the roll call of the volunteers before and after the shift is changed.
  6. Keep the records for their planned vs. actual work
  7. Brief and de-brief the volunteers before and after the shifts  
  8. In case you fall short of the volunteers, call the control room for floaters/Runners to help you.
  9. Understand the change in plans of volunteers, make sure they are well rested and not working continuously for more than 4 hours.
  10. Try and accommodate requests/choice of volunteers as much as possible
  11. Visit Volunteers in between their shifts make sure volunteers are enjoying, provide them break for quick snacks, redbull, beer to keep them refreshed
  12. Plan to hangout with your volunteers during party and a treat them exclusively after or before the conference.

TEAMS and their Responsibilities

Setup/Tear Down

Help get A/V equipment and projectors set up in each track, make sure each track has a supplies box, organize giveaway swag, Each track, booth, desk has all the stationaries, supplies they need and then collect everything back.
Must be Approved by Leads


Register 1. Volunteers 2. Speakers 3 Delegates 4. Officials 5. Sponsors 6. Press/Media.Hand-out swags and kits.
Must be Approved by Leads

Equipment Team

Responsible for All Equipments especially for AV, Projector, Convertors, Adopters,Power plugs, travel Adopters, Packing, Sticking Materials, Stationeries, standees, Branding Materials, Exhibition material etc.
Must be Approved by Leads

Speaker Operations

Responsible for making our speaker drunk before talk. Meet them at Registration, get them to the Speaker Lounge, make sure they have access to the refreshments and wifi. Verify that all needed adapters and power cables are on hand, or contact the Gear Room if they are not. Make sure the speakers know the lay of the land. Make sure they can get hold of you if there are any problems. Make arrangements to meet ten minutes before they are scheduled to present. Get them to their track five minutes before it is scheduled to start. Introduce the speakers to the Track Host, help them get mic’d up and ready. Make sure the speaker is comfortable, microphone levels are right, and the talk is running smoothly before you depart to do it all over again.
Must be Approved by Leads

Track Host

You are the track owner. You need to introduce the speaker, put appropriate mike on him/her, keep check on time, facilitate Q n A. Control video recording or photography if the Speaker demands so. Handle any misbehaving with the speaker during the talk call for help in any emergency.
Must be Approved by Leads

Help Desk

Route the people and their queries to appropriate people. You must be the know all people. Payatu  guys in this team
Must be approved by Leads


Jack of All guys read to help with whatever and  whenever needed.

Party Duty

We have Parties all the evenings, and Award ceremonies etc. We need a lot of help for smooth conduct of the parties.
Must be approved by Leads

Control Room

All operations are controlled from here, We will be doing all the bookKeeping, Schedule Management, Communications within teams, Hotel staff, travel and local authorities from here
Must be Approved by Leads

Guest Intel Team

Your work is to know about our Speakers, Guests, Volunteers, their special needs and help us deliver personal experience to them. Rest of the time you need to see the comfort and experience at the conference and get things done to make the Conference As smooth for the participants as possible right from Food, Rest, Networking Area, or Any assistance required.
Must be approved by Leads

Mob Management

We need to stream line the Qs and control the entry at the tracks and for Lunch,Check for Badges before they enter any specific area
Must be approved by Leads


* Once we get your registration request, we will give access to the planner sheet in which you MUST fill in 

   1. Personal Details in (Volunteer Info Sheet)
   2. Shift hour Details in (8/9/10/11/12 Sheet)

   3. You are free to change your shift, swap with your friends, discuss and ask for alternate shift till 28th FEB 2016. We will be locking Sheets on 21st and no changes will be allowed after that.

   4. Pls fill in your travel details when your travel details are confirmed. This will help the Leads to Manage your time better.

   5. Leads will pass on instructions and briefs on your duties time to time. Pls communicate with them if you have any queries.


** Dont change the colors of the cells or over write on the cells of others shifts
#  Black Cells means the shift is not available. 

Incase you have any doubt give a call to adh at 

Our Volunteers

  • Our Strength Our Volunteers, to view our volunteers please click here

Terms and Condition

  • Volunteers willing to Give 30 work Hours over 4 days will be given 5 night's Accommodation
  • Volunteers willing to Give 24 work Hours over 3 days will be given 4 night's Accommodation
  • Volunteers willing to Give 16 work hours over 2 days will be given 3 nights Accommodation
Reporting Rules
  • Volunteers need to Report 15 mins before their Shift Timings and expected to stay 10 mins after their Shifts to hand over the charge
Time Disciplines n Conditions
  • Volunteers not adhering to time disciplines or unable to complete the committed shifts need to pay for the accommodation and registration pass provided free to the volunteers.
  • NullCon reserves right to cancel Volunteer benefits in any case of misbehavior or conference's violation of code of conduct.

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