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NULLCON Goa 2021

Conference: 5th to 6th March 2021

Talk Title and Speaker Videos
[KEYNOTE] Security Research and Disclosure: The Unauthorized Biography by Casey John Ellis
[KEYNOTE] What it takes to be a great Security Professional by Ning Wang
[CXO Panel] CyberPhysical Systems Security - Trends, challenges & opportunities
[CXO Panel] Tech Startups/Businesses and Infonomics
[CXO Panel] From Reactive to Proactive - Operationalizing your Threat Intel
Exploiting XPC in AntiVirus Software by Csaba Fitzl & Wojciech ReguĊ‚a
Telecom Security Challenges in 5G by Akib Sayyed
An Azure Sphere Security Breakdown by Lilith Wyatt
Arbitrary code execution on RISC-V using fault injection by Praveen Vadnala & Nils Wiersma
Using k8s to deploy security services in a hostile world by John Nichols
Deep dive into ART(Android Runtime) for dynamic binary analysis by SungHyoun Song
Bug hunter adventures by Yuvraj Dighe and Shreyas Dighe
[Workshop] Post Quantum Cryptography Algorithms and Architectures for Emerging 5G Network Security by Gokul Alex
[Workshop] IoT Village at Nullcon

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