Adam Bacchus

Chief Bounty Officer at HackerOne

Adam Bacchus

Talk abstract

Better bug reports = better relationships = better bounties. Whether you are new to bounty programs or a bounty veteran, you will learn how to take your bug bounty reports to the next level. These tips will help you achieve...
...quicker turnaround time from the security team responding to your request!
...better reputation and relationships with the security team!
...higher chances of getting a bigger bounty!
With years of experience pentesting and running bug bounty programs at Snapchat and Google, join Adam Bacchus of HackerOne as he covers best practices and answers any questions you have on interacting with security teams.

Speaker Bio

Adam Bacchus serves as Chief Bounty Officer for HackerOne where he oversees the non-profit Internet Bug Bounty project, as well as Disclosure Assistance, helping friendly hackers disclose vulnerabilities to organizations across the world. Adam is passionate about helping organizations start and run successful bug bounty programs, helping hackers succeed, and generally driving collaborative vulnerability disclosure initiatives to help make the Internet a little bit safer.

Prior to joining HackerOne, Adam was a member of Snapchat’s security team where he led a wide variety of infosec projects, and served as the glue between security and the rest of the organization. Prior to that, Adam was part of Google’s security team, where he gently persuaded engineers to fix security issues, helped run Google’s penetration testing and bug bounty programs, dabbled in detection and response, and participated in general tomfoolery.

Adam’s previous experience includes four years of security consulting, primarily in application and network pentesting. In his spare time, Adam enjoys fire breathing, playing music, mixing drinks, and writing about himself in the third person.

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