Rushikesh D. Nandedkar & Amrita C. Iyer

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Rushikesh D. Nandedkar Amrita C. Iyer

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In air they wander, we exist to blow their cover!!! {Approaches to Evil Twin Detection from a normal user's perspective}


Wireless networks are prominently seen nowadays. They are so well fitted to the requirements of the mass that, they had become an inseparable element of our day to day life. With this ease there came some drawbacks as well. To name a few, the physical location of wireless host is difficult to trace, the coverage periphery of wireless network cannot be restricted to exact geographical references, so on and so forth.

Like these there are many more drawbacks which paved a road for an attacker to intrude in wireless networks. In this topic we will discuss detection of Evil Twin Attack in open wireless networks by normal user.

Evil Twin Attack is an attack in which a malicious user spoofs the identity of legitimate access point and creates an Evil Twin (Fake Access Point) that allures the legitimate access point users to connect to Evil Twin. Once they are connected the attacker is privileged with the capability to raise a wide array of attacks on the users.

There are many approaches available from a network administrator's side to detect these evil twin attacks.

But it is not the wireless network administrator who falls prey to Evil Twin Attack; these are normal users who are targeted. And there are not many approaches devised by researchers for detection of such Evil Twins from a normal user side.

Whichever approaches are available, they require a separate hardware or some or the other out of the box mechanism in place keeping usage of their approaches restricted to study purposes only.

To address these limitations we have proposed a packet injection approach and data link layer monitoring approach which does not require substantially implementing/changing any hardware or software in the computer of normal user.

Speaker Bio

An information security researcher having 4+ years of experience in information security. I have been breaking things for last 5 years. I have been proving the constructive attitude in the destruction. I have been mentoring the research on evil twin detection approach as an industry mentor for Rushikesh.

Rushikesh D. Nandedkar

Rushikesh is an independent security researcher. Having more than four years experience under his belt, his assignments encompasses many challenging and innovative approaches attaining information security, part of which even addressed cyber crime investigation. For him solace is messing up with packets, frames and shell codes.

Amrita C. Iyer

Amrita Iyer is a seasoned software testing professional. Having spent a substantial time in the development life cycle of wide array of applications, helped her earn a flair in the agile aproaches in testing. A telecom engineer, who blended the network, security and testing in the perfect mould for her day to day work and passion.

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