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Start End Meteora Hall Neptune I Hall Neptune II Hall Neptune III Hall
18:00 hrs 19:00 hrs Pre-Registration
19:30 hrs 20:00 hrs Humanity - scale Infosec by Smari McCarthy      
20:00 hrs 20:20 hrs Attack of the setuid bit - pt_chown and pwning root terminals - by Siddhesh Poyarekar      
20:20 hrs 20:40 hrs Alphas, eggs and a big piece of internet for your community service - by Francisco Nina Rente      
20:40 hrs 21:00 hrs A security analysis of Browser Extensions - by Abhay Rana      
21:00 hrs 21:30 hrs Blackshield Awards      
21:30 hrs 23:00 hrs Speaker Welcome Party      
Start End Meteora Hall Neptune I Hall Neptune II Hall Neptune III Hall
08:00 Hrs 09:00 Hrs Registration
09:00 Hrs 09:30 Hrs Welcome Speech (Meteora Hall)
09:30 Hrs 10:00 Hrs Inauguration
Chief Guest Address (Meteora Hall)
10:00 Hrs 11:00 Hrs Keynote
11:00 Hrs 11:30 Hrs Tea/Coffee
11:30 Hrs 12:10 Hrs Strategic Information Warfare: When Ends define the means - By Amit Sharma 2014 The year in which we cannot ignore SCADA - by Amol Sarwate    
12:10 Hrs 13:00 Hrs Fuzzing the easy way, using Zulu - by Andy Davis ShoulderSurfing 2.0 - by Federico Pacheco
13:00 Hrs 14:00 Hrs Lunch
14:00 Hrs 14:40 Hrs Multi-value WiFi - What the heck is it? - by Abhijeet Ghosh (Prototype Talk) Workshop on SAP Security - by Alexander Polyakov  
14:40 Hrs 15:40 Hrs Modern smartphone forensics: Apple iCloud, encrypted BlackBerry backups, Windows Phone 8 cloud backup - by Vladimir Katalov Hardware Attack Vectors - by Yashin Mehaboobe  
15:40 Hrs 16:00 Hrs Tea/Coffee
16:00 Hrs 16:45 Hrs In air they wander, we exist to blow their cover {Approaches to Evil Twin Detection from a normal user's perspective} - by Rushikesh Nandedkar and Amrita C. Iyer Wi-Hawk Password Auditing Tool - by Anamika Singh Breaking the Cyber Kill Chain by Kapil Awasthi  
16:45 Hrs 17:30 Hrs phoneypdf: A Virtual PDF Analysis Framework - by Kiran Bandla Flowinspect - A Network Inspection Tool - by Ankur Tyagi
17:30 Hrs 18:30 Hrs User Privacy in Cellular Networks - by Ravishankar Borgaonkar Round Table (Invite only) to Cyber Threat Alliance - Round Table (Invite only)  
19:30 Hrs 22:00 Hrs Networking Cocktail (Invite Only)
Start End Meteora Hall Neptune I Hall Neptune II Hall Neptune III Hall
10:00 Hrs 11:00 Hrs Keynote
11:00 Hrs 11:20 Hrs Tea/Coffee
11:20 Hrs 12:20 Hrs Chrome Security 2014: New and future hotness - by Sumit Gwalani Pentesting Proprietary RF Communications - by Justin Searle    
12:20 Hrs 13:10 Hrs Attacking WPA/WPA2 in the Cloud - by Vivek Ramachandran Let's screw with nmap - by Gregory Pickett
13:10 Hrs 14:00 Hrs Lunch
14:00 Hrs 15:00 Hrs 12 Years and a Baker's Dozen - by Saumil Shah Proposing my Valentine the Die Hard style: Hacking your cable TV - by Rahul Sasi and Ahamed Nafeez Troubleshoot Wi-Fi like a Wizard !- by Davneet Singh Narang & Rachit Srivastava  
15:00 Hrs 15:45 Hrs Fuzzing the world with Peach - by Michael Eddington O'Dea Assertions-Untwining the Security of the SAML protocol - by Achin Kulshrestha
15:45 Hrs 16:10 Hrs Tea/Coffee
16:10 Hrs 17:00 Hrs Pentesting without Pentesters - Automating Security Testing with Functional Testing Test Cases - by Lavakumar Kuppan and Ankita Gupta nullcon Hardware Badge 101 - by Amey and Umesh(Desi Jugaad) Hybrid Network Simulation For Security Training and SCADA Lab - by Guillaume Prigent  
17:00 Hrs 17:50 Hrs Jailbreak Talks
17:50 Hrs 18:20 Hrs Closing note

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