Manish Sinha

Senior Sales Engineer, Arbor Networks

Workshop Title

When the Sky is Falling: High-Volume Reflection/Amplification Attacks


High-volume reflection/amplification DDoS attacks are on the rise. Given the increase in the size, frequency and complexity of DDoS attacks today, how are organisations preparing for them? What kinds of detection and response processes and technologies are organisations using? Do they have incident response plan, and more importantly, have they practiced and operationalised them? During this session, Manish will address the specifics of common reflection/amplification methodologies and incident management practices for handling large-scale, network-debilitating attack. Besides, he would discuss the principles and properties of these attacks and discover the best practices for volumetric attack detection, classification, trace back and mitigation.

Speaker Bio

Manish works for Arbor Networks as Senior Sales Engineer based out of New Delhi India. His specialization is in the field of advanced threats detection techniques and has been the key resource for Arbor to combat high profile global DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) threats and campaigns. With over 15 years of experiences in the information security industry, Manish’s expertise lies in DDoS attacks detection & mitigation, Intrusions, Malwares , Data exfiltration, APTs etc.

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