Mario Heiderich

Founder of Cure53 (Germany)

Mario Heiderich

Paper Title

ECMA Script 6 from an Attacker's Perspective - Breaking Frameworks, Sandboxes, and everything else


ECMA Script 6, in short ES6, has been boiling in a copper pot for many years by now and step-by-step, browser vendors come forward to taste the first sips of this mystery soup. So, ES6 is no longer a theoretic language but already crawled across the doorstep and now lurks under your bed, ready for the nasty, waiting for the right moment to bite.

Now, what is this whole ES6 thing? How did it develop and who made it? And why is it now implemented in your favorite browser? And what does it mean for web-security and beyond?

This talk will answer these questions and showcase the new language from an attacker's perspective. You will see the new code constructs possible to be executed with ES6, new attack vectors and learn what you can do to tame that beast. Kafkaesque terminology such as expression interpolation, proper tail calls, computed properties, spread parameters, modules and tagged template strings will no longer be surprising you after attending this talk.

Because the future is now and backtick's back, alright!

Speaker Bio

Mario Heiderich, handsome heart-breaker, bon-vivant and (as he loves to call himself) "security researcher" is from Berlin, likes everything between lesser- and greater-than, leads the small yet exquisite pen-test company called Cure53 and pesters peaceful attendees on various 5th tier conferences with his hastily assembled powerpoint-slides. Mario recently watched a movie about Chitty the robot and then decided it's time to give a talk in India again.

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