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Abhijith B R & Sreehari Haridas



Red Team Village


Red Team Village is a community-driven combat readiness platform for Red teaming and Adversarial attack simulation assessments. This community is managed by a group of cybersecurity and red team tactics enthusiasts.

A red teamer needs to be skilled in every aspect of offensive security. We can consider this as a platform to share tactics, techniques, and tools related to various domains of adversarial attack simulation.

We're regularly organizing workshops, talks, demonstrations, open discussions, Capture the flag challenges and other exercises at Cyber Security conferences.

We do design real-life corporate CTF scenarios with the same network architecture and defensive mechanisms. The CTF players need to do the red teaming against this infrastructure which protected and monitored by Blue teams.

Both Red teams and Blue teams can participate in this Village. Blue teams get to know the attack tactics used by the adversaries, and Red teams get to learn the security monitoring/detection techniques used by the SoC teams.

Community URL: https://redteamvillage.org/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/redteamvillage

Village Agenda:

  1. Talks on Red teaming tactics and Adversarial attack simulation
  2. Red Team - CTF

Village Speakers:

Talk title: Using RFIDler to monitor/decode/emulate wiegand back-end data on an access control system
Adam Laurie, Global Security Associate Partner, IBM X-Force Red Hardware Hacking Lead

Talk title: The recipe to a successful Red teaming
Ashish Rana and Keerthi A, Security specialists at HackIT Technology and Advisory Services

Talk title: Tactical Adversary: Attack simulation and red teaming
Abhijith B R, Red Team Village

Village Team Bio:

Abhijith B R

Abhijith has nearly 10 years of experience in the Information Security domain. He is working as a Deputy Manager for Cyber Security in a Fortune global 500 company, previously employed with EY as a Senior security analyst.

Abhijith is a professional Penetration tester, security researcher, blogger, Adventure traveler, and public speaker, most researches in intelligent automation of penetration testing, red teaming, adversarial attack simulation tactics and real-life corporate infrastructure CTF scenarios.

Abhijith is the founder of Red Team Village, a red teaming community which actively organizes hacking villages and CTF competitions in security conferences, also acts as the Lead Organizer of DEF CON Group Trivandrum.

Sreehari Haridas

Sreehari is an experienced Security Researcher, Web application/Infrastructure penetration tester and a renowned Bug Bounty Hunter. Currently, he is working as a Cyber Security Engineer in UST Global. He has received 50+ Hall of Fames in different companies such as Google, Sony, Adobe, AT&T, etc.

He was a part of Red team Village Red vs Blue CTF at c0c0n conference, 2019. He has bagged 3rd place in Asia region for the Global Cyberlympics Capture The Flag competition and 6th position in international Hackthebox.eu Capture The Flag platform.

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