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Winner of StartVille 2020


StartVille is an initiative by nullcon to promote cybersecurity startups to pitch their innovative products at the conference. A StartVille there will be a judging panel to judge the best innovative product in cybersecurity every year.

Startups Selected for StartVille 2020

Product Company URL Presenter
SynVM Synradar http://synradar.com/synvm/ Paresh Jain
PureAUTH PureID https://www.pureid.io/products Ajit Hatti
Sboxr Ironwasp Security https://sboxr.com Lavakumar Kuppan
Bugv Cynical Technology https://bugv.io Naresh LamGade
Cypherock X1 Cypherock https://cypherock.com Rohan Hari Agarwal

StartVille 2020 Jury

StartVille 2020 Volunteer Team

1. Sudhanshu Chauhan - Co-Founder, RedHunt Labs
2. Shubham Mittal - Co-Founder, RedHunt Labs
3. Akshat Jain - Co-Founder, Cyware Labs

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If you are a product ready and looking for funding or sales, this is the best place to showcase your innovation. Please fill out the form (provided on the website StartVille Page). Out of the total submissions, 10 best security product companies will be chosen to present their product in front of the judges. You will have a total of 5 mins in which you can talk about the innovation and give a demo of the product.

Terms & Conditions

  • Only one Co-Founder will be given a complimentary Individual Pass to attend the conference and present at StartVille. If there is more than a person coming to the conference, please purchase the extra passes beforehand. Note that we close registration as soon as our max limit reaches before the conference, so register early.
  • You will get 5 minutes for your pitch. Please do not create a lengthy presentation. Focus more on Demo.
  • No Accommodation will be provided. You will have to manage it on your own.
  • No Travel will be provided. You will have to manage it on your own.
  • Register for StartVille with the StartVille Volunteer on Day 1 of the conference.
  • Be present 20 mins before the start of StartVille event.
  • StartVille 2020 Registration is Now Closed

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