Valentine Mairet & Sebastiaan Groot

Valentine Mairet

Workshop Title:

When Sh*t’s on Fire


The workshop is a live digital crisis simulation game. The attendees are split into teams and roleplay a typical telco CERT. They have to deal with an escalating high-stakes incident that put them under pressure. They have to use strategical and analytical skills to solve the crisis while keeping the company running and the executive board happy. This simulation pushes them to work together and keep their actions precise and thoroughly documented, while actively communicating with the company's board, the press, and related third parties to minimize potential collateral damage.

* Attendees need to bring a laptop for this workshop.

The number of seats is limited to 25 people. Please come on time.


Valentine Mairet

As a purple teamer for KPN-CERT, Valentine's work mostly consists of proactive threat hunting, application and infrastructure compromise, threat model visualization, and once in awhile breaking into buildings. She is the co-founder of WICCA, a community for women in cybersecurity based in Amsterdam. Besides computers, she likes animals, heavy metal, Star Wars, and useless things like stickers and D&D.

Sebastiaan Groot

Sebastiaan is an Incident Responder at KPN-CERT, where he is active with the team's threat intel efforts, system forensics, malware analysis, and developing OSINT capabilities. Whenever the opportunity arises, he can be found at CTFs, where he brings his passion as a reverse engineer, binary exploitator and symmetric crypto nerd. Free time consists of a combination of D&D, making music, cooking, and daydreaming legitimized as worldbuilding and D&D session preps.

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